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Case Summary: How to make a category required for Tech+Center or Customer+Center.
ID: 1394
Date Created: 11/13/2004
Last Modified: 11/17/2004
Problem Type: Question
Item: Customer+Center
You need to first figure out which category you want to require and get that category number (like C1, C2, etc). Then put that number into the expression below. The example below uses C2. You can figure out which Category it is by looking a the HTML source for the case form and look at the category form HTML elements and the name= variable.

You need to put this line into either DoTCaseform.asp (techcenter) or DoCaseForm.asp before the line that says:

If ErrorMessage <> "" Then

RequiredCategoryColumn = "C" & "2"
RequiredCategoryValue = Request.form(RequiredCategoryColumn)

If RequiredCategoryValue = "" Then
ErrorMessage = ErrorMessage & "<LI> " & "Category XXX is required"
End If

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