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19 Oct

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Case Summary: Importing LDAP records into the Customers database
ID: 128
Date Created: 09/11/2000
Last Modified: 09/11/2000
Problem Type: Question
Item: Database
We have created two LDAP specific import scripts to handle creating customer accounts from a imported LDAP directory into an Access database.

There are two scripts called ImportLDAP.asp and DoImportLDAP.asp scripts located in the techcenter directory to help perform initial imports. The script also allows for continual LDAP updates by carefully updating some information and searching for existing records before creating new records.

This script was specially written for a community college district in California, but it can be modified slightly for other organizations. You must modify the script and test it before it will work properly for your web+center configuration. DO NOT run the script without reviewing all of the instructions in the DoImportLDAP.asp module.

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