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Case Summary: How to make category item entry required or Optional Text Box Required for Customer cases
ID: 121
Date Created: 08/30/2000
Last Modified: 01/14/2011
Problem Type: Question
Item: Tech+Center
This can be accomplished by adding the following code into the ASP module called DoCaseForm.asp found in the customercenter directory. Put these 4 lines into this module around line 60. This will force a customer to make a category selection.

Cat1 = Request.form("C1")
If Cat1 = "" Then
ErrorMessage = ErrorMessage & "<LI> You must select the category X."
End If

For the optional text boxes, add the code around the same area of DoCaseForm.asp like:

' MAKING Optional Text Field required Uncomment the 3 lines blow as needed and customize the message
' If Text_Field_1 = "" Then
' ErrorMessage = ErrorMessage & "<LI> " & "Text field 1 must be completed"
' End If

' If Text_Field_2 = "" Then
' ErrorMessage = ErrorMessage & "<LI> " & "Text field 2 must be completed"
' End If

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