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Case Summary: Configuring SQL*Server Database connect string with Windows Authenication instead of SQL*Server Authentication
ID: 1198
Date Created: 04/14/2004
Last Modified: 04/14/2004
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center 4.0 Production
With Windows 2003 and site server and SQL as the backend database,you must configure Web+Center to connect to the database using Windows Authentication and not the normal SQL*Server login methods. Listed below are instructions on how to change the Connect string for the database to use Windows Authentication instead.

Here is the format for the connect string to be used for SQL Windows Authentication:

Application("myDSN") = "driver={SQL Server};server=;Trusted_Connection=yes;database=webcenter40"

The connect string was changed in the global.asa file no other changes were made to any other files in your system.

As far a using the connection string there are two deployement scenarios:

1. SQL Server and IIS are on the same machine.
Add the domain account in the SQL Server Security Logins area.

2. SQL Server and IIS are on different machines.
Add the domain account in the SQL Server Security Logins area.
Configure IIS Directory Security to use the same domain account for anonymous access and enable Integrated
Windows authentication.

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