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Case Summary: Issues on using the Microsoft Update Service and IIS Lockdown tools with IIS and Web+Center
ID: 1192
Date Created: 04/08/2004
Last Modified: 04/08/2004
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center 4.0 Production
After installing Microsoft Software Update Service "SUS" which automatically install the IIS Lockdown Tool and URL Scanner. I found that my Help Desk application stop functioning. When SUS is installed on a Windows 2000 Server, the setup utility determines whether IIS Lockdown 2.0 or URL Scanner 2.5 have been installed. If not, SUS setup will automatically install and configure both of them.

In order to un-install the lockdown tool, "which is not un-installed when you remove SUS" you need to down load the tool form the link below. Run the setup program choose next when prompted and select remove the Lockdown Tool.


I found that even after the un-install of the Lockdown Tool you still needed to tweak a couple settings in IIS. The first was re-enabling parent paths which can be found by right-clicking the Default Web Site, selecting properties, Home Directory, Configuration, App Options. The second was changing the Default Document order in the Customer40 Virtual Directory. Right-click the Customer40 Virtual Directory, select properties, Documents, and make sure that Default.htm is on top.

Special Thanks to Web+Center User David Tabor for writing this article about SUS and IIS Lockdown tools.

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