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22 Oct

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Case Summary: http: 500 server error Problems with some Windows 2000 installations
ID: 115
Date Created: 08/23/2000
Last Modified: 08/23/2000
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center Installation
When submitting a new customer in Techcenter or a new user in customercenter, a "The page cannot be
displayed" HTTP 500.100 error comes up. Also, after logging into Techcenter, not all windows pop up.

This problems seems to occur with some Windows 2000 installations. To solve this problem, you must set the file permissions to the techcenter and customercenter directories to full access to everybody or whatever level of permissions are necesary to make the application work. We are not sure why this step is necessary, but some security model configurations with Windows 2000 are creating this problem.

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