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28 Oct

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Case Summary: Email Configuration Test fails with SQL*Server OLE-DB Error - Also other OLE-DB error fails in other modules that access the configuration table can occur too.
ID: 1075
Date Created: 10/31/2003
Last Modified: 10/31/2003
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center Installation
There appears to be issue with just SQL*Server and properly returning memo columns with the Database operation:

set rstemp2=conntemp.execute(mySQL2)

This line must be replaced by the following 2 lines:

set rstemp2 = server.createobject("adodb.recordset")
rstemp2.open mySQL2, conntemp, 1,3

This is a known bug with SQL*Server. If any other modules exist that access the configuration table they may experience similar issue but they can be fixed by changing the ASP module above. These all will be fixed in new versions.

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