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28 Oct

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Case Summary: Cell Email reports error: UnsupportedEncodingException: US Ascii
ID: 1016
Date Created: 08/28/2003
Last Modified: 08/29/2003
Problem Type: Problem Report
Item: Web+Center 4.0 Production
It appear that some cell phone provided (T-Mobile in particular) requires that the Mailer.charset be set to 2 instead of the default setting of Mailer.charset = 1. Setting the mailer.charset =1 defaults to US Ascii character set while this cell provider requires the encoding to be ISO-9959-1 format which is mapped to mailer.charset =2.

It will probably be necessary to search the customercenter and techcenter directories for any occurance of mailer.charset settings and reset that constant from 1 to 2. The two main ASP module that must be changed for most notification messages are DoCaseForm.asp (Customercenter directory) and DoTCaseForm.asp (Techcenter directory).

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